Skyex Community Day – Meet The Celebrities!

Jeff BrazierThe Skyex Community Day is less than two weeks away – tickets are just £5 for adults and £1 for juniors and can be purchased by calling Brentford FC on 0845 3456 442 today.

Or – purchase tickets online by clicking here.

The squad line-ups consist of the Skyex All Stars, who will compete against a team of Brentford FC Legends.

The Skyex squad consists of football heroes Dave Beasant, Luther Blissett, Paul Furlong and Micah Hyde, alongside celebrities including Jeff Brazier, Aiden Callaghan, Ralf Little, Harvey, Ben Shephard, DJ Spoony and Ewan Thomas.

Luther BlissettThe Brentford FC team will include former Bees stars Jason Pearcy, Paul Gibbs, Danny Boxhall, Rob Quinn, Ijah Anderson, Darren Powell, Mark Williams, Gareth Graham, Glenn Poole, Scott Partridge, Nathan Elder, Isaiah Rankin and Chris Hargreaves… plus more to be announced.

The event will also see a performance from Filipino pop star Mark Villanova as well as several matches between local youth teams.




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