About Us

The idea behind the charity came about in 2011 when Gurdev Jassi, Owner of Skyex wanted to become more active in the community of his local area of West London. He tried a number of schemes, from coffee mornings at the end of 2011, to trying to set up IT classes for young people.

A friend and business partner of Gurdev, Sutish Sharma, was running a local media organisation and got involved from a cross-support perspective.

Gurdev Jassi

Gurdev Jassi

The idea of the charity came about after a visit to India in 2011 and 2012 when Gurdev hooked up with a school who were helping young people train with new skills with the aim of helping them to gain employment.

Gurdev liked the template, and the school was linked to the British Asian Trust and the Princes Trust. However, he wanted to do something more UK based.

Sutish then became more involved and came up with the name, advising the charity through the corporate governance process until they became a charity at the end of 2012.

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